WebEx is not a standard software product that you purchase and install on your computer. It’s delivered as a service through your web browser.

webcamIt’s easy to implement.  No need for new capacity, new servers, or other new equipment.  Users simply sign up and start using the service.  Users can access their service from any computer with Internet access.  Since it’s web-based, not loaded on a specific desktop, WebEx is readily available from any location.

Note:  Med-Legal does NOT provide it's customers with web-cameras. This must be purchased by users in advance of your online deposition. Web-cameras are available at leading electronics stores everywhere.

To ensure that Med-Legal/WebEx has enough connections at any point in time, it is important for you to make a reservation in advance.

Getting Started Steps

Step 1 Verify that you and the other Attorney have the minimum PC configurations to conduct an online video deposition.  All Med Legal First Physicians are already equiped.
Step 2 Once you have verified that all parties have the requisite equipment, call Michael at Med Legal First (310.593.4920) to verify and schedule your desired IDS/WebEx deposition date/time. 
Step 3 Click on the PayPal button to prepay for the service.  The rate for an online deposition is $95.00 (minimum 2 hours) with a maximum of four (4) connections.  Simply stated, a connection is the number of cameras connected to the WebEx site.  Any number of people can participate via the telephone.
Step 4 After Med-Legal has received comfirmation of payment, you will be contacted and a conference number and login URL will be provided.
Step 5 At the appointed time of your deposition, Med Legal will be present (online) to assure that things are functioning properly and log everyone into the system.  Once that has been accomplished, Hosting privileges will be transferred to the Attorney designated to run the meeting and Med Legal personnel will log-off the call.