First Medical Experts

Pre-Trial / Pre-Deposition Consults

Connecting the Legal, Insurance and Disability/Retirement Communities with Medical Specialists

First Medical Experts is a comprehensive panel of highly trained and specialized board- certified medical providers linking the medical community with the legal and workers’ compensation communities.

Our physicians perform the following types of evaluations and services:

  • AME – Agreed Medical Evaluations
  • PQME – Panel Qualified Medical Evaluations
  • IME – Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Subsequent Injuries Funds Evaluations (SIBTF)
  • Medical Records Review
  • Pre-Deposition & Pre-Trial Consults
  • Expert Witness Evaluations
  • Disability Retirement Evaluations
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
Our board certified doctors specialize in AMEs, PQMEs and IMEs as well as disability evaluations and are fully compliant and in accordance with all guidelines, addressing A.O.E./C.O.E., causation, apportionment, impairment and appropriate work restrictions.

In addition to their complete understanding of the AMA guides, they offer:

    • Online AME scheduling-availability (appointments usually within six to ten weeks).
    • High quality, ratable reports.
    • Acceptance by both applicant & defense bar.
    • Electronic receipt of medical records.
    • Electronic delivery of AME reports.

Let the experienced AME and PQME physicians of First Medical Experts help formulate and strategize your next AME or PQME deposition and/or trial. Many attorneys have found this confidential service to be particularly useful in many of their more complicated cases. Maximize your effectiveness with tips from our panel of experts when deposing your AME or PQME doctor. In addition, doctors can construct rebuttal letters.

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